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Rosario opened as a destiny for international touristic cruisers

Yesterday, a ship with 242 crewmen and 312 passengers, 90% of them Germans, anchored at the local port. Travelers decided to spend the day visiting the city, playing golf or hanging out at a ranch in Victoria.

Rosario welcomed yesterday its first touristic cruiser, a very luxurious boat named Deutschland that hosted 312 passengers and 242 crew members. Once anchored at the local port, the passengers -90% of them German- chose between three options, "one was a special request and the other two were among the offered options," said Ariel Piló, Manager at Receptivo Piló, the travel agency providing service. From that menu, 21 passengers opted to play golf at Kentucky, 39 to go through Rosario-Victoria bridge to spend the day at a ranch and 114 visited Rosario's most important places in a city tour that lasted three hours. For the rest of them, there were two minibuses that connected the cruiser with the starting point of the pedestrian street, with a 30 minute frequency. In this manner, despite the heat, they could go for a walk through wherever they liked... 

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